Mimaso fortified uji is produced by food for life organization who’s aim is to fight and prevent malnutrition in DRC currently focusing its activity at the eastern part of DRC in Goma. The food for life organization mission is : produce the best services that take off a child or an aldult from malnutrition and tackle nutritional problems. Its vision is : A WORLD WITHOUT MALNUTRITION.

Favorite Quote: “Malnutrition can be as common in poverty as in wealth, one for the lack of food, the other for the lack of knowledge of food.”
T.K. Naliaka

Mimaso fortified uji is a flour that help children to come out of malnutrition, with all its nutrinents. It also helps to maintain good health to someone having nutritional issues. It formula is a unique concotion that prevent and cure malnutrition, improve child nutrition as well as adult, improve health, prevent disease such as kwashiokor and marasmus, increase energy, reduce risk of infection and infectious disease, help to gain weight.

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